Mike Rooney

Retail Operations Director at Comet

3D Development really added value! We recently engaged Margaret McCabe of 3D Development to design and deliver some Team-build Events for us.

In the current Retail climate where its critical to stay ahead of your competitors “every penny counts” and investment in training needs to deliver real returns.

Margaret trained a third of our Managers, and through a series of  thought provoking exercises and stretching team challenges built their belief that providing they pull together and draw on the talents in their team they can really improve performance. My Managers returned from the 3D Development events truly convinced that how they deliver the numbers is critical, and people operating with a team ethic will always win through.

My guys are no wallflowers so when they say the training “made a real difference” I know it did!

So thanks to 3D for getting to know our business and designing bespoke Events for us. I’m certain that the combination of my investment and your talents will result in increased success for Comet!

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