About Us

Welcome to 3D Development

Thanks for checking out what 3D Development is all about. The following pages summarise the services we offer and the philosophy behind our company. However, its really difficult to express the passion we feel for what we do and the wide variety of services we can provide in a few short paragraphs, so please don’t hesitate to give us call for further details. We would welcome the opportunity to explain things further and discuss how we can make a real difference to you and your company.

Alternatively, if you prefer, just complete the Project Insight Form with basic details of your request and we will contact you for a free, no obligation discussion to explore options.

Why ‘3D’ Development?

You may be wondering what the ‘3D’ means. The 3 D’s stand for:

Conducting 360° research to clarify the change in knowledge, skills or behaviour required.
Creating the highest impact training or development solutions for the issues and opportunities we have uncovered during the diagnosis stage.
Implementing our agreed solutions to develop your people and affect the business change required as effectively as possible.

This outcome driven strategy, bespoke strategy delivers sustainable results every time which is why our business has thrived and grown continuously since its inception in 2003.

What is the 3D Difference?

I care

I really care about getting the results you want, which means I invest quality time in understanding your training needs and focus our input entirely on achieving your desired outcomes.

I conduct proper research

I conduct thorough research prior to working with any group to ensure we understand the issues and opportunities from all perspectives before attempting to address them.

Each solution is tailor made

I have no “off the shelf” packages as I believe passionately that tailoring each solution to the target population makes a dramatic difference to the impact we can have. This means all our training solutions have relevant case studies and organisational specific exercises which engage the delegates right away.

Results you can measure

I encourage you to build in robust measures of our shared success at the outset and I incorporate these into our design. This means that you can easily evaluate impact and identify future priorities for training.

Accelerated Learning Techniques

I use a variety of accelerated learning techniques which I tailor according to our audience and topic. This has been scientifically proven to increase retention rates to up to 75 percent meaning you get real return on every hour your delegates invest.

My Associates have been there and done that

I only work with Associates who have a breadth of corporate experience which ensures they can supplement our innovative materials with real life examples to enhance the learning experience.

Flexible solutions

I have both the expertise and the experience required to develop flexible training solutions which may involve large group seminars, smaller team workshops, one to one mentor support, executive coaching or a combination of any of these interventions.

The Team

Kim Stafford

Kim has been working as a management coach, trainer and facilitator for 15 years, specialising in service quality management, management development and coaching.

Since Kim did her Masters degree in Total Quality Management back in 1996 she has developed a distinctive approach that ensures any learning and development connects to business improvement, so that clients’ investment buys real results, not just the delivery of training.

Kim is as happy working in the Boardroom as she is at Team Leader level and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to any people development opportunity.

Andrena Backhouse

Andrena is an experienced and highly skilled learning and development professional with international experience and proven success in the design and implementation of organisational change and continuous improvement programmes.

Andrena has experience of coaching Directors and managers at every level and across a variety of industries, including engineering, retail, leisure, printing, manufacturing and chemicals. 

Andrena has a reputation for bringing real energy to her training and coaching sessions, inspiring managers and their teams to make a real difference. As part of her professional toolkit, she is able to offer a wide range of tried and tested development tools and profiles including Myers Briggs (MBTI) Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) and The Emotional Intelligence Quotient.